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Most Luxurious Manhattan High-Rise Apartments


A well known part of New York, Manhattan has easily become one of the most expensive and luxurious sites where one can live. Trying to score a place in the area might not be difficult if you posses the financial requirements and can spend with ease a large amount of money on different condos in town. But which are the best of the best?

As the high end building of top notch prices, we’ll find One57, with “only” 90 floors that reach the sky. Located on 57th street known as “Billionaire Row”, the skyscraper has an average price of $6,010 per square foot and it rises up to its name, as it has become a target for wealthy people all over the world who aim to get a room in the most fabulous apartment community of all. Being quite secretive towards buyers, it appears that some condos have been sold for the impressive amounts of $30 million, $47.7 million and the high price of $100.47 million for a top floor duplex. Top-rated Manhattan real estate agent, Noble Black has a some listings in this luxurious condominium. He raves about the posh amenities One57 offers its residents, which include a private pool, a private screening and performance room, and a top-notch full catering kitchen. With these amazing amenities, who wouldn’t want to live here?!


Second in line for the most expensive locations is the famous 15 Central Park West, one of the most wanted apartment condominiums, with prices ranging from $6.5 million to almost $60 million per condo, and the possibility to rent an apartments for a total of, depending on the choice, $15,000 or up to $125,000 per month. Amenities include an around the clock doorman, concierge service, residents-only restaurant with butler service, gym, pool, a billiards room and many other convenient amenities that will impress the eye of the buyer. Being a spot for many celebrities as well, some of the ones that passed the threshold are: Robert De Niro, Sting, Denzel Washington, and Bob Costas.

Another place for the wealthy residents of New York is the Mandarin Oriental, with a $5,629/square foot and some big names who have leased here, among those Beyonce and Jay Z. Many of the apartments come with a stunning view over Central Park and a complicated floor plan, while among the amenities you can find: a concierge, a valet, a doorman, a fitness center and a swimming pool with a spa. For those who wish to buy, some parts are listed as high as $50 millions.


Wanting a home in the rich and luxurious part ofluxury-manhattan-real-estate-apartments an overcrowded city can lead you to the avant-garde part of it, and put a lot of money in real estate agents’ pockets, but it will be worth it. If you wish to look further than the highest bid, try also some of the other “de luxe” residences: Time Warner Center, Walker Tower, One Beacon Court, The Plaza, Baccarat Hotel & Residences and Millennium Tower. Each of them have renting options, as well as for sale available places and include commodities such as a gym, a swimming pool, a basketball court, a theater and even a running track, with the usual valet, doormen and concierge services that are available 24/7.


Is there anything more to add when deciding for a dreamy rental or a new home? If you can afford it, take it! While a position far away from the city might come with the peace and quiet of an isolated place, an apartment in one of this luxury buildings will get you close to the city’s heart and every entertainment available in such a large urban community.


Should You Airbnb Your Home or Lease it?

Renting out your surplus room or property through the social marketplace known as Airbnb has added another dimension to using the spare space in your residence. The tremendously large selection of accommodations available in 190 countries, through the online marketplace offer potential tenants almost unlimited choices. To connect the potential guests with hosts, Airbnb charges a small fee from both parties. So, should you Airbnb your home or lease it?


Benefits of Using Airbnb

The website was developed to provide a platform for the budget conscious traveller and those with surplus space in their homes. It provided a forum where two parties in need could work out the logistics of their deal and in the end both would gain something out of it. Other benefits include:

  • Travellers’ have a large database to choose from, while hosts get to advertise to a large client base.
  • Airbnb is the mediator that guarantees payment and bookings.
  • A large selection of payment methods and currencies make it convenient.
  • Allows the host to make money, while the guest saves considerable of money when compared to costs of a hotel or motel.
  • Host gets to interact with people from different cultures and countries, while guests avoid the typical tourist mentality hotels.
  • Provides personalized service and true experience of the native culture.

Drawbacks of Using Airbnb

In the end, the question should you Airbnb your home or lease it can only be answered by you. However, for all the benefits associated with Airbnb, there are some negative aspects that need to be kept in mind.

  • The biggest concern for the host is that the guest may damage their property. While a vast majority of the transactions since the inception of Airbnb have been without incident, there is always the risk of that one odd case.
  • Of greatest concern to the guest is that the reality of booked location does not match the description provided, or the host is negligent and indifferent to the guests’ requirements.

Legal Concerns

Before renting out their homes, the hosts also need to be clear about what the law allows and does not allow in their locality. Some areas do not allow the renting of rooms in this manner. For instance, New York forbids short duration renting without the host living on the premises.  Different states have different laws, and not following them may result in heavy fines.

Additionally there are the tax issues. A number of states require hotel or tourist tax to be paid for holiday rentals. While Airbnb does gather taxpayer information to comply with U.S tax situation, the final responsibility is with the host.

Should You Airbnb Your Home or Lease it?

Whether you choose to Airbnb your home or lease it, there are risks and benefits in both situations. Both scenarios’ are also bound by different laws that protect the host and the guest.

With the new laws coming out restricting Airbnb leasing you should research your local laws regarding Airbnb leasing.

Have you ever utilized Airbnb, as a tenant or host? Any amazing or horror stories? Share them below!