Managing real estate is not easy, especially if you are looking to rent out one or multiple properties. While you may think it is as easy as collecting a rent check each month, there are many factors that go into providing a rental unit to individuals or families. This is why we take great pride in the type of real estate management services we provide. Our professionalism will ensure that we take on all the burden of providing property management services to renters for both commercial and residential properties. This removes a lot of headache from the shoulders of the property owners.

The services we offer include:

– Pre-rental inspections

– Marketing a new property

– Showing the properties to prospective renters

– Screening applicants through credit checks and criminal background checks

– Preparing the rental contract and ensuring everything is in order

– Collecting rent on a monthly basis

– Dealing with tenants who are late on rent or violate the terms of their rental contract

– Evicting tenants when necessary

– Providing accounting statements to property owners on a monthly and annual basis

– Handling maintenance issues

– Inspecting properties before a tenant moves in and after they move out

Most of these services refer to properties being rented out for residential purposes, with individuals and families the likely tenants. However, our company is also happy to manage commercial properties and office spaces. The day-to-day management of these spaces is a little different, but the same principles apply. If there are any issues with the owner’s residential or commercial property, we take care of the matter to ensure the owner does not have to lift a finger.

Our staff members are in direct communication with property owners, which ensures we keep them apprised of any significant developments related to their assets. For example, a property owner may want to know if a tenant is being evicted for breaking the terms of their rental agreement. The owner does not have to get involved because our staff manages these situations, but we like to keep our clients informed of what is going on with their properties.

It does not matter whether the property owner lives in the same city or is moving to another part of the country – we are happy to manage their resources in either case. Sometimes owners have to move and cannot be bothered to maintain these assets in a hands-on way. This is where a real estate management company comes into the picture.