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Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What is Ascendant Group’s Customer Science™ solution?

Customer Science is a CDP-optimized data model and the “data science” – the framework, including the tools and approaches we use to gather scattered data, unify it, compile it to serve the needs of sales, marketing, and customer service across any business model.

Customer Science contains all general and best-practice data sets, many of which can be re-labeled for industry vertical business models. We add industry and your business-specific data attributes on top of the common data language we use for optimal solution data management and big data performance.

The science of customer information is a practice of the many ways to deduce, derive and infer meaningful information about all marketplace participants—customers, prospects, and partners. It includes gathering, analyzing, unifying, mapping, transforming, aggregating, summarizing, and measuring. Customer Science puts resources to work through various programs and services to assure validity and consistency. It includes the principles of big data management, and includes both basic trend/ regression analysis, as well as AI-based machine learning to make valid predictions.

Getting an omni-dimensional, cross-channel comprehension of your marketplace audience is a huge challenge. Using modern tools to diagnose, amend, enrich, and extend your data, ultimately producing a rational profile and predictive attitude is the objective of Customer Science.

Customer Science is used to define marketplace participant attributes, align past transactions, present a profile of the present state of the business or household, an suggest ways to change the future of your economic relationship. Our platform is used to integrate with many or any CRM or business operating system you use to consume and leverage the insights coming from our customer science services.

Contact us for how to put Customer Science™ to work to amplify your CDP.

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