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Ascendant Group's Elevator Pitch

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

What’s the Real Benefit of Working with Ascendant Group?

Very simply we serve three workloads inside two pillars. Do you need these?

Nearly everyone does


◾ CRM Technology Guidance: If you have a CRM IT strategy, whether you are in a regulated or well-defined industry, or in a complex, omnichannel business, or a vertically integrated business, our consulting services can help the technology meet the needs of the business. CRM is expensive, but even more costly is doing it the wrong way or succumbing to over-investment and under-performance.

  • We offer you experience, wisdom and guidance from a vendor-neutral, technology- agnostic position.

  • We help you cut costs, avoid risks, and speed up your decision making.

  • We bring the business and IT closer together and ready for action.

  • We help your business adopt, leverage, utilize and govern CRM as both a technology and a business strategy.


◾ Data: We pay attention to the missing nutrient in your CRM diet: Vitamin D: We find, clean, treat, rationalize, normalize, refresh, enrich, and unify your demand-side data; then put it to work!

  • Prospects/ targets

  • Customers

  • Addresses

  • Contacts

  • Transactions

  • Communications

  • Behaviors

  • Proprietary 1st party data

  • 3rd party data

  • Anonymous digital

  • Segments, KPI’s and scores

◾ CDP: We provide Customer Data Platform “big data” services to help you make better, more predictively accurate, more timely and more personalized judgments and decisions with respect to your marketplace, audience, and customers. This impacts sales/BD, customer service, marketing, and executive leadership.

  • Greeter cards on demand: omni-data screen-pop with full prospect/customer profile

  • Personalized commercial journeys: process automation and real time interaction management with predictive alerts

  • Customer Scorecards: P&L per customer, with critical KPI’s and trends

  • Marketing segmentation & compliance studio: intelligent segment builder; single source for privacy and preferences

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